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Pentair R173578 Product Information

The Pentair R173578 is a 520 square-feet Clean &Clear Plus cartridge replacement. It can be used either as a pool or spa cartridge filter, which makes this product an ideal purchase. Though there are non-original cartridge replacements available in the market, it is still better to get the original one from Pentair.

For owners of the Pentair Clean & Clear Plus, the Pentair R173578 is all you need to make that old filter working again. The replacement cartridge has a length of 6.5 inches, height of 32 inches, and 7 inches width.

The Pentair R173578 is ideal for a pool with 520sq-ft of water or less, and should only be used with the Clean & Clear Plus model from the same manufacturer. For this particular model, you will need at least four of these replacement cartridges. When you buy the R173578, it will cost you over $120. Since you will need four of these cartridges, now is the best time to make the purchase because online stores are offering huge discounts.

For pool owners who only want to purchase USA-made products, the Pentair R173578 is for you. You will also be able to benefit from the antimicrobial end caps of the cartridge since it provides the needed filter material support and resists chlorine degradation. With this product, you can also maximize the flow of water through the ABS free flow cores that is open by 50%.

Upon purchase of the R173578, you can avail of the limited one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. This is a guarantee for Pentair product users, and if you want to make an informed purchase, you can never go wrong with this one.

When buying replacement cartridges for your Clean & Clear Plus, you have to make sure that you’re getting the right one. To ensure a match, it would be a wise decision to measure the existing filters. Since the Clean & Clear Plus also has a 420 system, you must be aware that the Pentair R173578 is only suitable for the 520 system and not the 420 system. The existing filters and replacement cartridge should be a perfect match to guarantee optimum performance. This is an important consideration especially if you are getting a replacement cartridge from a third party. As you can see, there are also other manufacturers that produce replacement cartridges for the Clean & Clear Plus and other similar models.

You should buy the Pentair R173578 for the Clean & Clear Plus instead of getting the replacement cartridges of third-party manufacturers because the latter don’t offer some of the features that you can get from the R173578. For instance, other replacements are not resistant to chlorine degradation.

Getting genuine replacement parts is the best choice. If you can get the original replacement cartridges, you can be sure that the filter will work optimally and the product will be able to serve you longer in the years to come. Shop around online stores to find special deals and discounts. The Pentair R173578 is reasonably priced and is a worthy investment for pool owners.